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Securely Send Files Online

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Protect your files in transit. Encrypt and share files with anyone with no additional software to install. SCIFCOM offers the strongest enhanced encryption file security product available to consumers. We use one-time pad (OTP) encryption to secure files from man-in-the-middle and Wi-Fi sniffing attacks.

Feel secure knowing that your email will get to your intended recipient without being compromised.

The XOTIC (Next Generation Encryption) option allows you to select the encryption strength. Level 1 on the dial is 512-bit encryption. Each dial setting doubles the encryption strength. Level 9 is 131,072-bit encryption

Xotic dial

Authentication Technology


Strengthen and personalize your website’s login security by utilizing our SUBROSA SDK/API solution - a patented photo/digital image-based authentication and encrypted key generation software more secure than PINS or user-generated passwords.

Users can easily choose their own images and select a specific pictorial tile pattern to create a complicated, encrypted password/ log-in (65,000+ characters) It’s easy to remember difficult to break.